"The Bloody Monday" (exclusive 24h event)

1. Rates of adena, drop/spoil, herbs, seal stones, keymats for monsters & raid bosses will be increased by 10% for the event duration.

2. Experience lost on death will be reduced by 100% for the event duration.
*Meaning you won't lose any experience during Bloody Monday Event*

3. Attacking a monster or raid boss will grant you flag effect with normal duration.

4. Only 48+ level characters will be affected by the flag effect while hunting.

5. Players with over 9 level difference will not be able to hit or kill eachother.

Bloody Carafe
- Provides 25% HP/CP regeneration.
- Increases maximum HP/CP pool by 10%.
- Increases all basic attributes by 2.

Duration: 12 Hours
*Note: Its effect will be active for the remaining time even after the Event is finished

Cost: 3 Elixir Coins

Live statistics & information
- Bloody Carafe time to expire.
- Total players affected by Bloody Carafe
- 70% of the total income pool

The 70% of the total earnings by "The Bloody Monday" exclusive event will be added to the budget of our upcoming large international advertising campaign for l2elixir, prepared and scheduled to start on Tuesday evening. The big upcoming promotional campaign's main target is to attract new players & guilds to the server and start increasing our player base with a primary target of reaching the 4.000 players online mark as soon as possible.
20 Jul 2018 - By Sloth

L2Elixir - A great journey begun!

Dear L2Elixir Community,
It has been less than a week since L2Elixir opened its gates for the new & old elixir players and it has a really successful opening. This journey began with amazingly crowded Starting Areas and very soon Dion Town was filled with players and their first Private Stores

As soon as everyone reached Level 20 and finished with their class quests, they created the first clans on L2Elixir 2018 and rushed, on Hunting Zones, to level-up all together as a team. We will also suggest that you join a clan/constant party or create one, because what's better to hunt monsters with your friends!?

Today, server has 1.900 to 2.100 online players daily on rush hours!

We're really glad that you chose L2Elixir to be your Summer Adventure!

12 Jul 2018 - By Sloth

L2Elixir x4, 2018

At 2008 was the year which L2 Elixir open its gates for first time, was that year when we decided, as ex-lineage 2 players, to open our own server. A server different than the others, a server for players who love this game and want to enjoy it. We hadn't any purpose of making money, our goal was to make a server which will provide to all lineage 2 players a fair and free game to enjoy their time.

For more than 3 years, L2 Elixir was alive with daily updates and improvements and with one of the largest number of players a private server ever had. Unfortunately after 3+ years of a Live server without any corruption, without any kind of unbalanced donation which affects the gameplay, nights without sleep, lots of money spent to offer a free server to L2 Elixir players and our nerves on the breaking point, the circumstances prevent us to continue the operation of the server. More money needed to be spent for new equipment to host L2 Elixir. Several players offered financial support for the server, but we couldn't find a way to manage it, without any problems.

So L2 Elixir shut down, on a time that we were preparing a full Freya update, AFTER 3+ years of operation. At 2018 is the year which,L2 Elixir takes life again. Me and Ocean,the primarily members of L2 Elixir team, decided to open again the server after 7 years! All these years we follow the Lineage news, but we didn't take part because our lives and circumstances didn't allow us to have the time to spend like we did back at 2008.

So now its the time, L2 Elixir to be the greatest server again. To bring all the old players and the new players of this game back to L2 Elixir, for a long and interesting adventure once again! We have again this need to offer to Lineage 2 players, the Best server that they need, the server that they don't have! To unite the old players and Clans, with the New ones. To remind to the old players, the game that they loved, and learn to the new players, the game that they never had! We have this need to watch the epic fights again, All the clans which fought each other as enemies, or fought together as teams. With a few words, we want to remember the old time classic memories, and live them again on a new different period of time with people love the game it self and mesmerized from our work.
L2 Elixir makes the big comeback this summer with one of the biggest projects of this decade to offer its services and dedicate once again to the players and provide an extremely competitive gameplay to all these clans

LittlePigs / Crush / Just4Fun / Exiles / ReJoice
Ophalim / EMPERORS / AwakenDemon / PinkFloyd22
BadBoyZ / TnT Allegro / Breathe / TheBlackDragon
Gr33kWarriors / NewOrders / 4usOnly / Horama /

and many many more which made L2 Elixir one of the greatest servers of all times. We would like as well to see all the new clans and players shined last 10 years, unite them all in one server with a long term plan, as only we know, to write their own history once again, enjoy their epic battles and the game they loved to play on a younger age, with the guarantee of L2 Elixir!

Client: Interlude
Rates : x4
Final BETA Stage: Wednesday 04 July, 21:00 GMT+2
Official Launch: Saturday 07 July, 21:00 GMT+2

09 May 2018 - By Sloth
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4usONLY Oz 6
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DeathWish BGsummoner 5
DividedWeFall JustAnotherStar 5
SoulTakers Relena 5
MyRmId0neS Spartiatis 5
BlackLight iBank 5
SOA Seferata 5