To play on our project, you need to pass a simple procedure with some easy steps. After completing all steps and downloading everything is needed, all you have to do is create an Account in-game.

Note: Our server is using Smartguard 3.0 Antibot protection.
Windows XP & Windows VISTA are NOT supported.

Accounts are auto - create by your first login into the server

Your password must contain only letters & numbers. Interlude client is not compatible with symbols (like !@#$%^&*) and you will get message "Your password is incorrect" in case you add a symbol in your password.

When you enter the game, it will ask you to setup a 4-digt pin. It should contain only numbers, and this pin is used as a secondary verification to protect your account from being stolen.

+ Download a pure Lineage 2 Interlude client on your computer.

+ Download the archive with the patch, unzip it to the root folder of the game.
(Example: C:\Program Files\Lineage\)

ATTENTION: use only the pure client Lineage 2 interlude.

Clan Name Clan Leader Lv.
BET365 sos2000 7
OriginalGang Unstable 7
StripClub JoCo 6
AngelForce duce 6
LegionOfChaos Furia 6
InnerConflict TROUBLESOME 6
FadeAway DonCrafterone 6
Aquarius tyRjOmmy 6
NightWalkers GaideNz 6
Hive FearNothing 6
9x1 Parker 6
Grunge Neptuno 6
CollectorS S62B50 6
Red Swarog 6
Renegaci Zdz 6
SuicideSquad EvaVraun 6
RussianRetard Dwarf 6
SpiteOfEnemy Malletka 6
SNG LineageII 6
EpicIceCream SzaryWilk1 6
DestinyArmy Trapezas 6
EastIndiaCompany Tzako 6
Scrubs DeathHunter 6
WasAboutTime afoukou 6
Gorillaz SpoilerAlert 6
CRUSH Eilien 6
BackToRoots TupaC 6
DefinitelyNOTRnG Machop 6
Karma Ryuuto 6