How to pay with Paysafecard

How to get the card?
Simply get a prepaid paysafecard from shops in your town worth €10, €25, €50, €75 or €100 Euro and use the links below to Pay with your Paysafe Card PIN or PINs.
You can find your nearest sales outlet at www.paysafecard.com/pos

How to pay with Paysafecard?
1. Choose one of the forms below, depending on your country.
2. Type your character name and the amount of euro you would like to pay.
3. Click the Purchase button.
4. Type the PIN of your Paysafecard or you can login to Paysafecard Online System and pay with your balance.
*Greek citizens must first add their PSC pin in their PSC account in order to pay.

5. Complete the payment & login with the character you mentioned on the form.
6. Visit our Donation Manager NPC and select "Paysafecard" to receive your reward.

If you are from EUROPE or any other country in the world, use this form

If you are from GREECE, use this form

Elixir Plus subscription is bound to the whole Account that purchases it, but only the main character has the Rune on his inventory.

Elixir Plus subscription cannot be transfered.

Elixir Plus subscription is required to browse Elixir Store.

+25% EXP / SP
+20% Drop / Spoil
+15% Seal Stones Drop
+15% Herbs Drop
+15% Adena Drop
+15% Physical Attack Damage Against Monsters
+15% Weight Limit
Access to Elixir Store
Access to Trade Chat
Access to Auction System
Create a Private Store in the front line in Giran
Access to Unique Newbie Guide
+120 Seconds Duration Time to Dances, Songs
and Summoning Buffs
Access to Unique teleports.
Access to Raid Informer NPC.

2 Weeks Subscription x3 Elixir Coins

1 Month Subscription x5 Elixir Coins

3 Months & 1 Random Ordinary Accessory x12 Elixir Coins

6 Months & 1 Random Unique Accessory x24 Elixir Coins

Elixir Store services are standard and does not get any kind of changes or updates during the live server. Goods offered on Elixir Store are minimal, do not affect the game play and they have only purpose to keep the server and its advertises running for ever.

If your character is Lv 1 - 40 x5 Elixir Coins to reroll

If your character is Lv 41 - 52 x10 Elixir Coins to reroll

If your character is Lv 53 - 66 x15 Elixir Coins to reroll

If your character is Lv 67 - 74 x20 Elixir Coins to reroll

If your character is Lv 74+ x25 Elixir Coins to reroll

If your character has completed the Subclass Quest, it will cost an extra +10 Elixir Coins

If your character has Noblesse status, you can NOT reroll!

Attention: It is NOT possible to reroll your subclass, only your main class!

1st Class Transfer x2 Elixir Coins

2nd Class Transfer x5 Elixir Coins

3rd Class Transfer x15 Elixir Coins

Red Pipette Knife (Subclass Quest, last step) x10 Elixir Coins

Ordinary Accessory x10 Elixir Coins

Character Rename x10 Elixir Coins

Clan Rename x15 Elixir Coins

255 Permanent Recommendations x10 Elixir Coins

Expand Common Craft x1 Elixir Coins (per Level)

Expand Storage x1 Elixir Coins (per Level)

Expand Inventory x1 Elixir Coins (per Level)

Expand Trade x1 Elixir Coins (per Level)

Clan Name Clan Leader Lv.
BET365 sos2000 7
OriginalGang Unstable 7
StripClub JoCo 6
AngelForce duce 6
LegionOfChaos Furia 6
InnerConflict TROUBLESOME 6
FadeAway DonCrafterone 6
Aquarius tyRjOmmy 6
NightWalkers GaideNz 6
Hive FearNothing 6
9x1 Parker 6
Grunge Neptuno 6
CollectorS S62B50 6
Red Swarog 6
Renegaci Zdz 6
SuicideSquad EvaVraun 6
RussianRetard Dwarf 6
SpiteOfEnemy Malletka 6
SNG LineageII 6
EpicIceCream SzaryWilk1 6
DestinyArmy Trapezas 6
EastIndiaCompany Tzako 6
Scrubs DeathHunter 6
WasAboutTime afoukou 6
Gorillaz SpoilerAlert 6
CRUSH Eilien 6
BackToRoots TupaC 6
DefinitelyNOTRnG Machop 6
Karma Ryuuto 6