It's time, greetings everybody, hope everyone is doing great!
After a whole year filled with a ton of happy moments, a bunch of adventures and experiences from our players and our staff themselves, we are happy to announce our upcoming masterpiece x3 Interlude project.

*Important Answered Questions*
What would be the differences between last year "elixir x4, 2018" and the upcoming "elixir x3, 2019" servers?

- Update on the character skills formula. (based on L2Off AdvExt, translated & imported in Java)

- Update on the monsters skills, artificial intelligence, statistics and behavior.
(based on L2Off AdvExt, translated & imported in Java)

- Update on the raid bosses, epic bosses skills, artificial intelligence, statistics, behavior, geolocation, loots & terrain geodata. (based on L2Off AdvExt, translated & imported in Java)

- Geodata corrections inside Towns, several hunting zones, Garden of Eva, Cruma Tower, Zaken's ship, Ant nest & more. (100% geodata perfection will be achieved within the first month of the server)

- Quest fixes & corrections. (based on L2Off Vangarth extension)

- Minor changes & addons on the "Elixir Plus" subscription services.

- Several customizations in class balance.
(such as: Titan with poll equipped while in frenzy will be able to attack maximum 4 targets)

- Several customizations in Clan System.

- Dynamic server rates.

- 4-digit pin code system instead of email verification upon log-in.

- Unique Raid Boss Informer NPC in all towns near the Gatekeeper.
(It will show the current status & death time of normal raid bosses)

What will change on the current "elixir x4, 2018" server and with what criterion a new player can choose in which server to start on?

- Everything mentioned above regarding "Elixir x3, 2019" server will be imported in the current "Elixir x4, 2018" server on Sunday May, 12th.

- The maximum windows per HWID limit in "Elixir x4, 2018" server is unlimited and will remain the same, but this will not exist in the upcoming "elixir x3, 2019" server. The limit on maximum boxes per computer for the new upcoming server will be decided by the currently running poll on May 26th.

- Before a new player decides joining in one of our servers, must acknowledge firstly some important reasons that make our servers differ, before he chooses elixir brand to begin his game adventure.

      Our staff holds a 13 year experience on private servers, and our team cooperates together for 6 years.
      Our game servers announced to have a lifetime uptime, our word is our bond.
      Our game servers are running on a perfectly built private Java platform and the game sources quality is      absolutely magnificent and unique.
      Our game store keeps a non pay to win system, offering very limited and basic stuff on sale such as "elixir      plus subscription, class transfer services,accessories" and several more tiny services that do not affect the      game play balance on a single way.
      Last and most important, our staff is online 24/7 with shifts, we take instant action versus third party abusers      and we are trying to prevent our game servers from botting and "afk" farming/questing scripts on a 99% level.

What budget will be spent on "elixir x3, 2019" server campaign and where will the project advertised?

- The budget for last "elixir x4, 2018" was in total 3.845 €, this time we are going harder on it since we are now having blind confidence in our game files and the budget for the upcoming "elixir x3, 2019" project will be 5.400 € including dedicated server upgrade, denial of service attack protection and latest CISCO firewall software configuration.

- The project will be advertised basically everywhere. (pmfun, l2topzone, l2network, maxcheaters, l2j.lt, l2oops.com, lineage2.com.pl, l2op.ru, Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram)

Is there anything a volunteer player can do to help L2Elixir in achieving higher community upon start?
Yes of course there is and we appreciate any kind of support.
Some hints that we can provide if someone would like to help our project are the following:

You could tell a friend about the upcoming server.
You could submit a suggestion about the server in any known forum of yours (related to the game of course so they don't take us with the rocks) some very well known forums of the game are
l2j.lt, maxcheaters, pmfun, lineage2.com.pl, l2jbrasil.
You could tag a friend in any L2Elixir Facebook page post to notify him about the server
And basically anything else you could think of to spread the word about L2Elixir, it would be greatly helpful!

*Important Information*
"Elixir x3, 2019" features presentation will take place on Sunday, May 5th.
"Elixir x4, 2018" server update will take place on Sunday May, 12th.

OPEN BETA TEST: Sunday, May 26th - 21:00 (GMT+2)
OFFICIAL LAUNCH: Friday, May 31st - 21:00 (GMT+2)

Clan Name Clan Leader Lv.
ProGamers DoppelGang3R 8
InnerConflict Hermione 7
VatosLocoS extremer 7
Gr33kWarriorS Dream 7
Euphoria Francian 7
SoulTakers Relena 7
DeathWish Destroyer666 7
Extreme iolas 6
PurpleHandGang Yattaman 6
Valiants Rofos 6
Imperials Sunion 6
SOA Mamalakis 6
UltimateDisaster GaLaVaLenS 6
TheOthers MyMan 6
MachineBlood Ichigo 6
Werewolvez AngarC2 6
VisioN Cataclysm 6
VeniVidiVici Sker 6
OutLaws DonFalcon 6
TruCulentJunkies Omorfoulaaaa 6
MyRmId0neS Spartiatis 6
Wraith Madafaka 6
EliteMercenaries Wolvenx 6
TroubleMakers Nae 6
BloodPledge Krusnik 6
4usONLY Oz 6
Ultras KreatoBott 6
FuriaHispana LorDTrider 6
BlackLight CaBoOm 6
DividedWeFall JustAnotherDwarf 6
Anarchy sk4z 6
DoomLegion DeathHunter 6
TheBrothers ChukiBoy 6

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