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At 2008 was the year which L2 Elixir open its gates for first time, was that year when we decided, as ex-lineage 2 players, to open our own server. A server different than the others, a server for players who love this game and want to enjoy it. We hadn't any purpose of making money, our goal was to make a server which will provide to all lineage 2 players a fair and free game to enjoy their time.

For more than 3 years, L2 Elixir was alive with daily updates and improvements and with one of the largest number of players a private server ever had. Unfortunately after 3+ years of a Live server without any corruption, without any kind of unbalanced donation which affects the gameplay, nights without sleep, lots of money spent to offer a free server to L2 Elixir players and our nerves on the breaking point, the circumstances prevent us to continue the operation of the server. More money needed to be spent for new equipment to host L2 Elixir. Several players offered financial support for the server, but we couldn't find a way to manage it, without any problems.

So L2 Elixir shut down, on a time that we were preparing a full Freya update, AFTER 3+ years of operation. At 2018 is the year which,L2 Elixir takes life again. Me and Ocean,the primarily members of L2 Elixir team, decided to open again the server after 7 years! All these years we follow the Lineage news, but we didn't take part because our lives and circumstances didn't allow us to have the time to spend like we did back at 2008.

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