EXP Rune Giveaway on Wednesday 24th of July at 20:00 (GMT+3)
Everyone will be gifted with an EXP Rune that lasts for 6 hours

EXP Rune Boosts your EXP & SP by 25%
EXP Rune Duration: 6 Hours ______________________________________________________________

Lucky Thursday will start on Thursday 25th of July at 18:00 until 02:00 (GMT+3 GR Timezone)


Global Giveaway Bloody Carafe Rune (6h - Limited) on
Saturday 27th of July at 20:00 (GMT+3 GR Timezone)


22.07.2019 - By L2Elixir Staff


Global Giveaway Rune of Experience (6h - Limited) in Giran Town
center at 20:00 GMT+3 GR Timezone

All newbies will start with a 12h - Limited Rune of Experience
and a 12h - Limited Rune of SP for all "The Week of Fortune" duration. ______________________________________________________________

Bloody Wednesday will start at 18:00 until 00:00 (GMT+3)

- Rates of Adena, drop/spoil, herbs, seal stones, keymats for monsters & raid bosses will be increased by 20% for the event duration.

- Experience lost on death will be reduced by 100% for the event duration.
*Meaning you won't lose any experience during Bloody Wednesday Event*

- Attacking a monster or raid boss will grant you flag effect with normal duration.

- Only 48+ level characters will be affected by the flag effect while hunting

- Players with over 5 level difference will not be able to hit or kill each other.


Lucky Thursday will start at 18:00 until 02:00 (GMT+3 GR Timezone)


Global Giveaway Bloody Carafe Rune (6h - Limited) in Dion Town
at 20:00 (GMT+3 GR Timezone)


"Hunting of the Holy Liquid" Event will start at 18:00 until 02:00 (GMT+3 GR Timezone)

- All the monsters over Lv 20+ have 2.5% chance to drop a Mana Potion & 1% chance to drop Quick Healing Potion.

- Mana Potion: A Magic potion that instantly restores 200 MP. Instant effect with no duration.

- Quick Healing Potion: A Magic potion that instantly restores 500 HP. Instant effect with no duration. ______________________________________________________________

"In Search of the Ancient Trasure" Event will start at 20:00 until 02:00 (GMT+3 GR Timezone)

- All the monsters over Lv 20+ have 1.0% chance to drop "Rarities of the Ancients" Treasure Chest.

- "Rarities of the Ancients" contains one of the following treasures:

- Enchant Armor D (x4)
- Blessed Enchant Armor D (x4)
- Enchant Weapon D (x2)
- Blessed Enchant Weapon D (x2)

- Enchant Armor C (x2)
- Blessed Enchant Armor C (x2)
- Enchant Weapon C (x1)
- Blessed Enchant Weapon C (x1)

- Enchant Armor B (x1)
- Blessed Enchant Armor B (x1)
- Enchant Weapon B (x1)
- Blessed Enchant Weapon B (x1)

- Enchant Armor A (x1)
- Enchant WEapon A (x1)

- Interlude Weapon Recipe (x1) (ex. Shyeed's, Sobekk's & similar recipes)
- Interlude Weapon Parts (x3)

- All the items got the same chances to unloot. (which means you have the same chance to get an EWA like to get an Interlude Weapon Recipe) ______________________________________________________________

08.07.2019 - By L2Elixir Staff


L2 Elixir first established in 2008, more than 12.000 players played and still playing in our projects since then. The Interlude Chronicle became popular by L2 Elixir and its players over the years and marked the Lineage II history with the best memories and the hope for the greatest battles to come.

After 11 years of experience, L2 Elixir can now look ahead and build the most stable and most popular Interlude project of the Lineage II history. We have now the ability and the skills, to make great quality servers, with the best files and offer to the players the best Lineage II experience. L2 Elixir has now proved, a private project can overcome the official platform and improve the game quality, the game balance and the game stability.

The most popular clans played and playing in our projects such as Exiles, Emperors, Famiglia, LittlePigs, 4usOnly, TnT, InnerConflict, vsTeam, RussianRetard, Gr33kWarriors and many many more, the biggest battles between oppositions took place for castle sieges and world raid bosses fights in L2 Elixir.

L2 Elixir is still here to unite all the enemies and friends and give them the opportunity to prove themselves once again, and even bring more new players and clans which want to be raised and write their own story in the most historical server of all times.

L2 Elixir can offer to every player, no matter if you are experienced or not with the game, a great contact with the Lineage II, to awaken the player's passion and give the pleasure that each player is looking for when playing a game. 2019 is the most successful year for L2 Elixir, because we broke every previous record of online players, we have the biggest and the best ideas to come for this project and we meet new players everyday who want to get started in L2 Elixir, that's why they give us the courage and the will to do even bigger things.

The most common feedback L2 Elixir received from the players is the great support, and that was our goal since the beggining. We are listening to the players thoughts about the server's improvements, we do analyze and test everything before it goes live, in order to keep the players satisfied in L2 Elixir. Our 24/7 support and our passion to support the players, is the reason why L2 Elixir is the most popular project over the years, with the most online players and the most successful Interlude project.

04.07.2019 - By L2Elixir Staff


L2Elixir Staff would like to present you our new UNIQUE feature coming up next week, on 5th of July 2019 at 14:00 GMT +3 GR Timezone

"Outworld Hunting Mode" Feature is a new feature coming up next week.
Players will now be able to get rewarded even while they're inside a Peaceful Zone (Town, Village, etc.)

You will be able to chat while the mode is Active, but you won't be able to move until you turn if off.

What's the reward?
You can leave your character online in any peaceful zone and ?depending on your character's Level you will be rewarded with a Random Monster's worth of EXP/SP & Drops (NOT Spoils) every 45 Seconds, 1 Minute & 30 Seconds or 2 minutes

Example: If your character is 25 Level, you will be rewarded with the EXP/SP & Drops of a Random Lv 25 Monster every 1 minute.

How to Activate the mode?
You will be able to active the mode by visiting the "Outworld Hunting NPC" (more info coming soon) or by using one of the following commands:

You can see a more detailed description of how you will be rewarded based on your Level and in how much time rewarded is given:

If you're 25 - 40 Level you will be rewarded with the EXP/SP & Drops of a Monster that's on the same level as your character every 45 Seconds.

If you're 41 - 70 Level you will be rewarded with the EXP/SP & Drops of a Monster that's on the same level as your character every 1 Minute & 30 Seconds.

If you're 71 - 80 Level you will be rewarded with the EXP/SP & Drops of a Monster that's on the same level as your character every 2 Minutes.

*Important: Raidboss & Tyrannosaurus EXP/SP & Drops are NOT included!

There are some Requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to be able to Activate "Outworld Hunting Mode"

Elixir Plus: You will need to have Elixir Plus on your Account in order to activate the mode.
*If your Elixir Plus expires, Outworld Hunting mode will turn off.

Vote Rune: You will need to vote for L2Elixir and have a Vote Rune in your inventory in order to activate the mode.
*When your Vote Rune expires, Outworld Hunting mode will turn off.

25+ Level: You'll need to have a character over 25 Level in order to activate the mode.

Peaceful Zone: You need to be inside a Peaceful Zone in order to activate the mode (Town, Village, etc.)

25.06.2019 - By L2Elixir Staff


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OkiTokiTok Sams Ярик Безуглый Apsilocybin Gaming pignaton panzerwitch 1N0fen PlayerOne N0fen setforstyle Erik Galstian simsalabim WAX Octomore herczor Lord Matias Ionich124 lionspark Φωτης Κοτζαδαμης Skouliki21 Trynara sonya2 Alexcellence qwerty deebo2 bolexas Juan Tovar Sterling Adams eioni2 Henrique Melo vbh777 sonya Mrs3JIo d01 Virulent Wii Krasavchik Сергей Кутянов Thodoris Koufogiannis geordouv UndoGara nikolson1993 TROUBLE test1111 henriquebb2 WriterBlock Campus ADETEL Jevrej tsif4ever Fernando López Navarro highperv7 Devas ali06 BDJizzle rodrigena ntinosst zadyma nicol Kevin Lurig kontonanos2 giannhs267 Pitogiros Osnirogo Kroas Glock17 alvarex Crusader 怒っている猫 valiant BDJ ElEyeDee Daniel Zarzecki iteshi xcodice Ευθύμης Κόλιας Vbill HardCa$h AlekseyDmit Love Blizzardofofozz tropaps120 OuTKazy aizak scholinos21 Wanderson Maximiano scholis21 Kogolezos Θάνος Ματ fstamiris pssst profisawa gianniskaitsiotis makoy122 Bsheep TheTr Hyde otzipaok First RISE ColdBlooded mag0_ mmmakasik Augmentin murder alkimia91 Novak stelioskaratripleog Tasos Tegre hoc13 Xara xDtripleoG Regarin2 668171 Ekali LeshaZ2 Schnipper MELOMAKARONOS mitpp Pantelis Vatakis Mitsukew Bekas999 6vssamir Flugger75 karapiper Jellyfish Χρηστος Κεκες deebo1 BORDIRKA nrgy loriol CarD1naL fricksss frickss bianco13 Vaggelis Arampatzis Alexey ZCook wenera vergitooo koka5256 pineapplewtf1 DeeBo Countess pineapplewtf podla Harlequine +1234 more.

Clan Name Clan Leader Lv.
OriginalGang Unstable 6
StripClub JoCo 6
FadeAway DonCrafterone 6
BET365 sos2000 6
InnerConflict Hazzard 6
CollectorS LazarosAstra 6
Aquarius tyRjOmmy 6
Hive FearNothing 6
RussianRetard Dwarf 6
SpiteOfEnemy Malletka 6
SNG LineageII 6
EpicIceCream SzaryWilk1 6
DestinyArmy MrBraska 6
EastIndiaCompany Tzako 6
Scrubs DeathHunter 6
WasAboutTime afoukou 6
9x1 Parker 6
AngelForce duce 6
CRUSH Eilien 6
Grunge Neptuno 6
LegionOfChaos jajec 6
DefinitelyNOTRnG Machop 6